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The Shiny Pioneers Commercial Est works in the Food & Beverage import and export industry with primary focus on distribution of drinking water, bottled and sold at a variety of sizes catered to all segments within the Saudi Arabian Market. We pride ourselves with our broad experience in servicing a multitude of industrial, commercial, and governmental establishments and companies through our own trademarked Nesma water brand.

Our fleet of delivery cars and logistical distribution facilities ensure a punctual daily/weekly delivery schedule of the Nesma 6 Gallon exchangeable bottles to our clients according to their needs and requirements. To solidify our position as your trusted partner, we provide our customers with all supplementary necessities from cooling systems, to storage racks and holders in our mission to provide you with well rounded service. In addition to the above, our customers also benefit from our  wide variety of bottled water products and sizes such as small bottles under our other registered brand “Prestige”.


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Benefits of water with lemon

The benefits of drinking water with lemon helps in slimming and in many benefits to the human body Helps lose weight faster and therefore is considered a good treatment for…
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Benefits of Water

Water is the main component of the human body and in fact, the body is made between 55 and 78% of water

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Bulk water supply

  We are proud to announce to our customers the beginning of supplying drinking water in bulk form through tanker that belongs to the factory which is made of Stainless…
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