The human body consists of at least 70% of the water, which is responsible for the completion of chemical reactions in the body, and may neglect many people the importance of drinking water in abundance, and ignore the seriousness of this neglect and its negative impact and many complications on human health, The lack of water in the body will cause visible problems affecting the external appearance and other affect the internal organs of the human body. The water percentage in the body begins to decrease gradually depending on the intensity of the processes and activities carried out by the human during the day, as the body loses the amount of water stored inside it through urine and sweating and tears and others, and all natural processes to remove the salts and waste contained within, And this increase in loss in the hot and summer, so to maintain the proportion of natural water must drink plenty of water during the day, and vary the amount of water necessary for the body with different ages and physical activities and weight, as it increases with age and increase with the increase Physical activity and weight, and Varies between 1/2 liters for children above the year to 2 liters and is superior to adults and the elderly and increase this amount in hot weather and great effort and also for those with high weights

What causes the lack of drinking water

Skin problems: The external and external problems caused by the lack of water in the body, where the drought appears on the skin and the outer layer of skin begins cracking causing roughness and change the color of the skin to dark color, and this drought appears on the skin of the whole person, the area of ​​the face and lips and area Oral, Hepatic and other

Problems in the joints: Water enters the formation of gels between the joints, which facilitate movement, and prevent friction between the joints, so the lack of water in the body leads to a lack of production of this material necessary, which leads to increased friction and roughness of joints, and difficulty of movement

Gastrointestinal problems: Water helps to facilitate the digestion, and analysis of food in the stomach and intestine, also helps in the absorption of essential nutrients from food, and lack of water in the body adversely affect the effectiveness of this process, leading to problems of indigestion and constipation , So the presence of the amount of water needed by the digestive system to do digestion, will facilitate this process and make it more effective

Kidney problems: Kidneys need to provide large amounts of water to prevent the deposition of salts and the formation of the gravel inside, the lack of water leads to the formation of salts inside, causing kidney failure, so it is advisable to drink water to avoid kidney stones and pain and to stimulate the work of kidney

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