How many liters of water we need in a day?  Cold and refreshing Btamh, sometimes with a slice acid, or a drop of orange blossom water, in the hot summer days, or even in the cold winter days, the water tells your thirst and refreshes heart and soul, Vkonna live again. We drink and drink until Nrthui. How many cups of water should normally drink a day. How do you know?

The amount of fluid varies according to age, weight and physical movement. The weather plays a big role in determining the amount of water necessary for the body, and the more hot weather whenever the body needs more than the amount of water.

Children (year of age and above):

Encourage your child from an early age to drink water regularly, according to the age of the child about setting calls

0.8-1.4 liters per day.


Teenager needs to 1.6 liters per day at least, and increase the quantity by physical movement.


Adult needs about 1.5 to 2 liters per day, equivalent to 8 cups water. This is enough for most people in the mild weather. The increasing quantity in hot weather.

When you exercise:

You must persevere to drink water during exercise. Advised to drink a glass of water before exercise and half a cup every 20 minutes. After finishing should be compensated for the lost water or liquid fluids, especially if high-strength exercise.

When you follow a diet to lose weight:

In this case you must persevere to drink water needed to secure the body, and also proved that it helps in the process of weight loss. Drink 2-3 liters per day and Cetkchwin that this helps you control your appetite too!

Good advice:

Recovery in the summer!

Characterized by summer heat and high humidity, always So try to secure a sufficient amount of water for your family by drinking more water and fresh juices in moderation and to provide meals daily water-rich vegetables and fruits, which contribute to increasing the body’s intake of fluids.

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